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Stinnett's Blazing Mike X Niehaus' Hoot and Scoot

Stinnett's Blazing Mike
Niehaus' Hoot And Scoot
Mike is a ARHA Rabbit Champion and is or almost is a NABR Rabbit Champion, I have hunted with Mike many times over the past season and he has many fine qualities to pass on to his offspring. He will dominate a slow pack of hounds while still controlling the line. He will retrieve down rabbits and handles well in the field. Mike can be see by contacting Jim Stinnett at Briar Busten Beagles. Niehaus' Hoot and Scoot is a great line control dog with a course chop mouth that is used right. She is Stubby and Spike line bred for 6 generations. These pups should stay at 13" or under. If any one would like to see either of the parents run just drop me a line and I will work it out. These puppies will be AKC, ARHA, and NABR registered. Prices on these pups will be $150.00 for males and $200.00 for females.