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FEE-$100.00 Mojo is a very well built 13" tri color beagle with a strong pedigree. In the field he handles great and will flow on the line with out skirting or getting loose under pack pressure. He can run or get down and grub when the scenting conditions require. Most of his pups have been tri-color 13" with his same disposition and running style. MoJo is line bred Stubby on both top and bottom. Has taken a 2nd at the 1999 Indiana State SPO Championship, and placed in every trial he has entered.


FEE$100.00 Bubba has a bit more foot than MoJo but still is close on the line with a fast rolling chop mouth. Bubba measures at 14 1/4" and has won best of show and best male at NABR trials and has taken 1st at both Gun Dog Pack trials he has been entered in. If you are looking for a dog that will flat out run a rabbit in any scenting conditions with good speed and still be close on the line and checks Bubba would be worth checking out. Bubba is line bred Stubby on the top and line bred Spike on the bottom.

If you would like to watch these dogs run or some of there offspring run just email me and I'll give you my phone number and directions. I am located just north of Indianapolis. A 6 generation pedigree is available on request. If you come to run feel free to bring your dogs and run as a pack or I will run them solo or both, they will shine under both conditions. A Negitive Brucellosis test is required on all breedings, no exceptions.