Quality beagles in central Indiana

At In Motion Beagles we strive to raise quality beagles for gun dogs and pets.

NIEHAUS' MIDNIGHT MOJO Takes 2nd,15" at Indiana State Championship trial,1999,Silver Creek Beagle Club, AKC SPO Format
4th 15" Gun Dog Pack, Walnut Creek Beagle Club, 03/26/00

NIEHAUS' BUBBA BOY takes 1st 15", Indiana State Championship Gundog Pack, AHRA, Walnut Creek Beagle Club 1999
1st 15" Gun Dog Pack, Walnut Creek Beagle Club, 03/26/00

Breeding beagles, like any other animal, isn't an exact science. But by using the proper bloodlines and traits, some of the guesswork can be removed. We try to raise hounds which have good personalities and are able to handle a rabbit with desire and control. In a normal year we only have two or three litters to improve my pack. The type of beagle that I prefer is a one which can move a rabbit at a good clip but not race or overrun the track of the rabbit. If you ever get a chance to attend a field trial check out the "SPO" type of trial and it will give you a good idea of the type of beagle which I strive toward. Some of the dogs in my pedigrees include FC Del Ray Stubby, FC Canoe Creek Burt, FC Deer Park Toby, Deer Park Spike and Ike, FC blurock Hobo, and FC Thorn Gap Hot Shot.I don't get to trial as much as I would like due to my work schedule so most of my running is for pleasure and hunting. On this page I will try to show some of the beagles that met my standards and some cute pups. Also I will have a section on my kennel and how it's set up and some of the things that worked and some things that don't.


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More on In Motion Beagles

Thoughts and opinions: Buying a dog, Watching dogs run
The Kennel: How the kennel is set up and some tips
Pictures of the beagles : Pics in the field and others
Humor: Just for laughs
Stud service : Short description of the available studs at In Motion Beagles

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